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SX5 - the storage ecosystem - has been around since 2017. Started as an internal solution for cutting the total cost of ownership of cloud based storage by replacing it with an on-premise storage solution. By today it grew itself into a position where it is supporting multi-cloud strategies, protecting users and user data, supporting journalists to get their message out there and more.

So what is OpenStorage?

Since the beginning, SX5 wasn’t much more than a 3-4 man show to keep the project running and been ran as a consultation service for companies who are seeking to better their customers infrastructure requirements.

Then the year 2020 happened which wasn’t exactly the year what any of us would’ve expected or could’ve predicted it to be. Amid pandemic and politics we came to the conclusion that we can’t fully rely on partners and decided to build a proper company that is able to silo the project and the future projects while keeping the users privacy and security in the focus. In the future all the support services will come from instead of relying on partners and distributors. In our journey we continue focusing on the following countries: Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. These are countries where we already been able to gather traction both for the product and for the main contributors.

The future of SX5?

The pandemic didn’t stop our progress as we released our own, private container registry, containerized as much of SX5 as we can, redesigned the hardware, moved the container bits to Podman instead of Docker, replaced the underlying OS with openSUSE MicroOS, hired a sales team, and continue to expend our SysOps and DevOps team.

SX5 will continue to operate as is, however, the SX5 front-end will be slowly replaced by SX5-Hop which will be a new front-end service for the SX5 storage solution. This will have all the current apps and probably a lot more. Along with SX5-Hop we’re also kicking of the Tachyon project which will greatly help users to recover lost, overwritten data or even recover in minutes of ransomeware attacks. As of right now all these projects will be kept under the AGPL license. We will continue to discuss the new and shiny things in the future.

With that being said, we’re looking forward to work with small to large business, governments and journalists, hospitals and fintechs in the very near future!

We’re just getting started!